Year End Tournament Rules

Single elimination tournament with a guarantee of 2 games (with the exception of teams that have a BYE – that counts as one game and your team may or may not have a 2nd game if you lose your first game – this is all dependent on the number of teams in your division)

·      All teams must be ready to play ten minutes prior to their scheduled game time

·      The home team (higher seed) will provide the scoresheet. EACH team will provide 1 volunteer for clock/scoresheet and well as someone for the penalty box.

·      Each team will have one time-out during regulation play

·      In the event of a tie at the end of regulation, there will be a 5-minute RUNNING CLOCK overtime period. Clock will be stopped to enter penalties and restart upon faceoff.

·      There will be NO timeouts during the overtime period

·      If the score remains tied, a 3 player shoot out will take place with the home team shooting first.

·      If the score is tied after 3 rounds, the teams will go to sudden death (one shot each) until there is a winner. 

·      Each team must go through the entire roster before a player is allowed to shoot again. However, if one of the teams has gone through their roster and players begin to shoot a second time, both teams will be eligible to have players shoot again.  

·      If a player is serving a penalty at the end of overtime, he/she will be ineligible to take part in the shootout.

·      The winning team must record the score on the Columbus House Hockey website as soon as possible, no later than within 2 hours (in order to schedule other games).

·      The rulings made by the On-Ice Officials will stand in all cases. No protests will be allowed.

·      Should a game go into overtime, please make the coaches aware that they need to clear the ice as quickly as possible at the end so the following games don’t get too far behind. 

 Zero Tolerance

·    At the Official’s discretion, a two minute minor may be assessed to any player of coach who uses offensive language, or antagonistic gestures towards an official, player or coach.


·    CIHC does not participate in the year end tournament

·    Tiebrakers - (1) number of wins (2) head to head (3) goals against

10U Squirt and 12U Peewee

·      Each game has been allotted 70 minutes to complete the game.  

·      All games are 12 minute stop time periods.

·     10U Squirt Minor will be divided into two divisions (Atlantic & Pacific)

·     12U Peewee Minor will be divided into two division (Central & Metropolitan)

·      The Championship game has 80 minutes allotted which should be more than enough time for the game and photos (except for the 10U Atlantic Division only has 70 minutes)


14U Bantam

·      Each game has been allotted 80 minutes to complete the game.  

·      All games are 13 minute stop time periods.

·      The Championship game has 90 minutes allotted which should be more than enough time for the game and photos.


The Chiller is aware that these are playoff games and they will allow us to complete each game but again, please remind your Coaches that should they run into an overtime situation, they need to clear the ice ASAP to be fair to the other teams waiting for ice.

Consolation Games

Due to bracket limitations with Crossbar, each consolation game is in a separate “final bracket” shown under the regular championship bracket on each division's championship bracket (see image below).  These "final" consolation brackets will be filled in manually after the first rounds of games are played.  In most cases, the teams eligible for a consolation game are the losers of the first round games.  

The exceptions are listed below as these brackets have an odd number of teams.

10U Squirt Major – Two consolation games for losers of Games 1-1, 1-2, 1-3 and  2-4

12U Peewee Minor Central – Two consolation games for losers of Games 1-1, 1-2, 1-3 and 2-1.

14U Bantam – Three consolation games for losers of games 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 2-3 and 2-4

Consolation teams will be reseeded with the top seeds playing each other and the lower seeds playing each other unless this results in a rematch. (lowest seeded games play first consolation game listed; highest seeded games play last game listed)

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