16 Sep

Mission Statement

The purpose of Columbus House Hockey is to create a greater level of competition for house level hockey players in Central Ohio by promoting a two-tiered program of teams.

Participating Youth Hockey Organizations:

Capital Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) 

Columbus Chill Youth Hockey Association (CCYHA)

Easton Youth Hockey Association (EYHA)

Newark Ice Hockey Association (NIHA)

Columbus Ice Hockey Club (CIHC)

24 Feb

Columbus House Hockey Year End Tournament Brackets

The tournament brackets are now posted under each division (select your division and select "brackets" on the left menu). Seeds are yet to be determined based upon this weekends results.  Brackets will be filled in by Monday following the final games.  

The Year-End Tournament Rules can be found here.

Due to Crossbar constraints, the brackets can be a little confusing.  Please note the following:

- 10U Squirt Minor and 12U Peewee minor have been divided into two brackets.  The first bracket listed is the upper division and the second bracket show is the lower division.  

- Under each championship bracket are the consolation/"final" games. 

12 Nov

Year End Playoff Dates

Columbus House Hockey Year End Playoffs

March 3-5 12U and First round of 14U 

March 10-12 10U and Semis/Championship of 14U 

20 Sep


(1) There are no time outs during the regular season.

(2) All games are considered curfew games. When the game clock matches the ice time remaining, the game will finish under a running clock.  

(3) All penalties are as indicated based upon division.


As a reminder, the HOME team is responsible for providing a scoresheet, a scorekeeper and a clock operator.  

The HOME team is responsible for posting the score on the league site.  

Instructions on entering scores can be found HERE - How to enter game scores.  

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